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Relais Valfiore: a perfect setting for your Bologna visit

Graced with one of the most scenic cityscapes in Italy, Bologna looks for all the world like an endless procession of red brick palatial walls, ornate porticoes, and picturesque towers with a disarming Renaissance charm. Though it is not Italy’s most famous city, it offers a relaxed but ambient atmosphere that offers one the feeling of being sheltered in a different time. It is vibrant but charming, with that comfortable lived-in feel that a lot of tourists seek. And in the right places, it boasts of a lively social scene that guests in the city can be a part of momentarily and will surely remember for a long time.

Those touring Italy for the first time would go straight to the country’s more famous cities, but those looking for a vacation in the Italy of the past, those who want to taste the true culinary wonders of the country, and those looking for something a bit out of the way for a peaceful vacation will venture towards Bologna.

To cater to the overflowing needs of tourists, the city is dotted with many Bologna hotel options you can choose from for your stay in Italy’s culinary capital. But if you really want to experience a relaxing time in Bologna, try venturing far from downtown Bologna and walk straight into the tasteful and relaxing Relais Valfiore.

The Relais Valfiore is one of the most unique Bologna hotel options you will find mainly because of its extremely relaxing atmosphere; while there, it won’t seem like you are in one of the crowded tourist destinations in Italy. Surrounded by a park with trees dating back to centuries long gone, the 4-star luxury Relais Valfiore hotel offers an out-of-the-way Bologna experience without the need for long travel since it is situated only 5 kilometers from Bologna’s city center and Bologna Fair, and can be easily reached by car when coming from the main highway.  This means you can have the peaceful Italian getaway you’ve always wanted but you can still conveniently join the active and busy lifestyle of downtown Bologna when you feel like it.

Its sheltered location may not seem convenient at first, but with the city center a short distance away and a host of special benefits that Relais Valfiore’s location affords you, you won’t mind the 5-km ride. Not when you wake up in the morning to inspiring views of the surrounding park where you can go walking or jogging, and certainly not when you enjoy an authentic Bologna breakfast in a breakfast room with a tempting terrace and a cozy fireplace for the winter.

As a Bologna hotel, Relais Valfiore offers what must be one of the best accommodation packages you will find in the city. When you walk in, the hotel’s opulent but very comfortable atmosphere is very inviting, and that same relaxing air follows you all the way to your room. The rooms in Relais Valfiore are like no other in the city, even if you go from one Bologna hotel to another; after all, it is only in Relais Valfiore where all rooms and even bathrooms overlook picturesque park views and where sunlight streams in without the towering cityscape of downtown Bologna. All rooms are fully furnished with valuable and elegant furniture, and the atmosphere itself will lull you to the perfect state of mind for your vacation.

Relais Valfiore also offers complete modern amenities offered in any downtown Bologna hotel, but with its advantageous location, you will enjoy the special amenities better. For guests’ wellness, Relais Valfiore offers a spa, and the peace of the surrounding parks definitely magnify the soothing effects of your spa visit. It also has a restaurant and breakfast room where you can enjoy exquisite Bologna meals. And for your convenience, the hotel offers a large private parking so you don’t have to worry about anything during your stay.

Due to its extra and unmatched appeal as a Bologna hotel, Relais Valfiore also enjoys a steady flow of visitors and guests who hold special occasions at the hotel’s spacious meeting rooms. There are two meetings rooms; one can hold 40 people and the other 150 people. These rooms provide the perfect setting for business meetings and for other special events. For example, they provide a memorable venue for weddings, so you can have an unforgettable wedding at the most extraordinary Bologna hotel in the city.

And to continue offering a comfortable and a complete Bologna experience for every guest, Relais Valfiore is about to expand its offerings with the addition of a traditional Italian restaurant and a swimming pool, both of which will be available to guests in March.

So if you are planning for a vacation in Bologna and are now searching for the best Bologna hotel to stay in, the Relais Valfiore may just be the hotel you’ve always pictured yourself in. Although it is not located in downtown Bologna, it nonetheless offers a memorable, comfortable, convenient, and relaxing stay at Italy’s culinary capital that no other Bologna hotel, even the best ones downtown, can offer.