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Meeting Rooms Relais Villa Valfiore

Hotel in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)

Meeting Rooms

Two areas in Villa Valfiore are devoted to meetings and events. There is a 70 square meters room with seating for forty and equipped for lessons of all kinds, offering microphones, laptop, video projector, DSL internet access, printer, fax, board and DVD player. Located in a strategic position close to the car park and the breakfast area, this is the first room guests come to as they come out of the garage.

The same equipment can be found in the large room that links the Villa with the guest quarters, the large windows of which look onto the gardens.
This bright room is particularly versatile, because it can be used in different ways, depending on the event held and the number of people taking part.

The whole room can be used for up to one hundred  people, but it can also be divided into two areas, each with a capacity of forty. If required, the room can even be used by as few as 10 people, seated around a large boardroom table.

Whatever the solution chosen, the Villa is ideal for meetings and conferences regardless of whether the participants are staying in the Villa or come from outside it.
Thetwo rooms are suitable for events, training courses and encounters and lessons. For all-day events, the adjoining breakfast room is perfect for coffee breaks, during which guests can stretch their legs with a stroll in the garden.
A technical assistant can be provided upon request, either for the first hour of the meeting or for as long as it lasts.

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