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Relais Villa Valfiore - Garden San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) Hotel

Relais Villa Valfiore


Centuries-old Lebanon cedars, imposing maritime pines, boxwood and pagoda trees

A downward-sloping Mediterranean rock garden that plays host to aloe, wild rose and agave.
These are just a few of the numerous species of trees and plants that can be found in the large gardens surrounding Villa Valfiore.

Restored along with the building, the garden is also often home to a number of species of local wildlife: the branches of the trees frequently host squirrels, while hedgehogs can be found among the bushes.
Lucky observers might even have a close encounter with the odd roe deer that ventures down from the hills to the edge of the village.

The walk  through the garden stretches right around the Villa on all sides, touching upon the oratory of Saint Rocco and Saint Sebastian, the swimming pool, the restaurant and the guest quarters.

Whatever the season, guests  can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, the scent of fresh, clean air, the beauty of the surrounding greenery, the fragrance of the tree  and the unmistakable,  balsamic scent of the evergreens.
This truly is the ideal setting for a relaxing walk, for breakfast out in the open or for a convivial encounter admiring the superb natural landscape that encircles the Villa.