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Bologna - Relais Villa Valfiore Relais Villa Valfiore

Hotel in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)

Bologna – Relais Villa Valfiore

A nineteenth-century villa, in the style typical of the hills around Bologna

This is Villa Valfiore, a residence set within gardens planted with centuries-old trees, right in the quiet heart of the countryside yet just outside the gates of the mediaeval city of Bologna, with all its strategic infrastructures, from the trade fair centre to the airport.

The residence, today renovated throughout but with its original appearance conserved intact, was built with the utmost attention to detail, with materials and finishing touches blending perfectly with each other, from the flooring to the lighting right through to the choice of the colours for the fabrics.

The large underground car park provides direct access to the Villa and its facilities, without interfering in any way with the splendid Mediterranean garden.

The fragrance of dried lavender, with which the vases on every floor are filled, floats delicately through the wellness area, the meeting room, the restaurant (open also to customers from outside the hotel) and the reception halls, right into the rooms.

As they walk across the gardens, alongside Lebanon cedars, maritime pines and pagoda trees, guests will pass by the swimming pool on their way to the construction that lies at the heart of the estate’s history: the little church of San Rocco and San Sebastian, built in 1604 to watch over the fields and the herds and now fully restored and from the vault of which comes the logo of the Villa: this cozy, welcoming little church is the ideal setting for unique, very private events and ceremonies.

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